Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to make Raised Serving Platters using Recycled Items

I got this awesome idea from Gina over at Desperately Seeking Gina.

She made this beautiful raised serving platter using a recycled fan globe.


How genius is that? Seeing as I have no raised serving dishes I knew this was something I wanted to make. My only problem was I had no fan globes to use. I planned on just buying a few large glass cups and using them.

But guess what?! By the grace of God I saw a fan sitting outside near the trash just a few houses down from me. Luck was definitely on my side. I quickly snagged the globes before the trash man could get them and brought them inside and washed them up. I ran to the store and bought some Gorilla glue and 3 plates. I took one globe with me so I could make sure the combination looked good together. I lucked out on finding a near perfect match. I got 2 large plates and one small plate.


A little glue later and I now have 3 raised serving platters for less than $10 all together. The glue was the most expensive out of everything at $4. The plates were $1 each. Im not sure yet how I want to embellish them, but I may just leave them plain and tie a ribbon around it to match whatever occasion.


I am so thrilled with how they turned out.


Thanks Gina for the brilliant idea! If any of you chose to make these I would love to see a link. I like how unique these could be. Also, be sure to stop by Gina’s blog and thank her for the awesome idea!