Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cake Pops – Buckeyes - Recipe

Can I call this a cake pop, even if it doesnt have any “cake” in it?

1 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup margarine
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 all purpose cup flour
1 cup melted chocolate almond bark

Using a hand-mixer in a large bowl combine peanut butter and margarine
Add 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 cup flour
Mix well
Add remaining 1 cup powdered sugar

The mixture will probably resemble a crumb texture - something like this


Thats ok! Form the dough into 1 inch balls making sure to squish them tightly. The crumbs will come together as they are squished.


Melt the chocolate almond bark using your preferred method (I like the crock pot to keep the bark a nice consistent temperature).. Add 1-3 teaspoons of shortening if your bark begins to harden or form lumps. If you use a microwave to melt your mark (as I did here) you will definitely want to add the shortening to acquire the “liquid” texture.


The shortening will keep it melted, and smoother, for longer. Dip about 1/2 inch of your cake pop stick into the melted bark and then insert the stick about 3/4 of the way into the formed ball. This will help hold the stick into the ball and make it easier to handle later for coating.


Place the balls into the fridge to allow the chocolate to set.

Prepare your final pan or plate by lightly coating with non stick spray or butter.

After a few minutes remove the balls and coat entirely with chocolate. I do not recommend dipping them directly into the chocolate. Instead, use a spoon and "pour" the chocolate over the balls, rotating them to coat all sides. Twist the stick from side to side gently to shake off any excess coating. Be careful not to twist too hard or the ball may fall off of the stick.


Once all balls are coated, let sit for at least 30 minutes in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set before serving.


To get the cake pop look, store upright in a piece of styro-foam, or cardboard box with small holes after coating.

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