Monday, December 19, 2011

The Perfect Gift – Dish-Towel and Dish-Rag Cupcakes

Sometimes when giving a practical gift, you gain bonus points for making it fun. Heres a fun way to dress up a practical gift of dish towels and dish rags.


You will need an equal amount of dish towels and dish rags, some ribbon, and large coffee filters


Begin by folding the dish rag into 4ths and rolling. I tied mine with some of the ribbon to help hold it into a tight roll.


Next, fold the dish towel to match the same height as the rag and starting at one end roll the rag inside the towel.


I secured mine with a piece of clear tape. To get the cupcake shape, gently push the center from the under-side until it pops out a little. It also helps if you position your rag slightly overlaying the towel when rolling them together.


You may need a helper for the next part ;)


Place the finished roll on the center of a coffee filter and tie a ribbon around the filter to hold it in place.


To make it even more fun add some small candles to the center


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