Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Directions: How to Make Homemade Cutting Board – Easy

Making a homemade cutting board is very simple. These pictures will walk you through the easy process.

First of all, gather your supplies:

All you need is the board you would like to use and some mineral oil.


Mineral Oil may appear to be hard to find but if you look closely at the label you will see it is labeled for “intestinal lubricant for constipation” – This makes it easily found in the medicine section of your local store.


Simply rub your board with a heavy coating of mineral oil. Wipe off any excess and leave to absorb over night. Depending on how often you use and wash your board you may need to repeat this process often. Also, before the first use you may want to add an additional coat or two for good measure.


You are done. – Wasnt that easy?



  • If you want the board to absorb the oil more quickly you can heat the board in a 200* oven for approximately 20 minutes. The heat will cause the board to expand and it will soak up the mineral oil a little faster than leaving it overnight.
  • Do NOT use vegetable oil, crisco, or any oil other than mineral oil.

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