Saturday, March 8, 2014

Freezer Meal Idea for Breakfast – Breakfast Burritos!

Freezer Meal Idea for Breakfast – Breakfast Burritos!


Filling* (some examples are onion, tomato, potato, pepper, sausage, ham, salsa, cheese, etc)

Scramble, and cook your eggs and set aside
Prepare the filling (sautéing, dicing, cooking, etc) and add to the egg mixture
Stir it all up, then roll into tortilla shells.
Wrap in foil, label, and freeze
To cook: Leave inside foil and bake at 350* until center is hot. Cooking time will vary depending on size of tortilla and how full they are.


* For my burritos, I sautéed some onions, green bell pepper and mushroom. I added that into the egg mixture, then a handful of cheese and some salsa. I had some leftover chicken from another freeze meal prep and added that in as well.

To make assembly easier, I prepare my pieces of foil and alternate foil and tortilla.


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